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Blanca Oraa was born in the Basque Country, Spain, in 1946. She has had solo exhibitions at galleries in most of the capital cities in Europe and USA, including the Gallery Loulou Lazard in Berlin, Germany, and U98 Gallery in Madrid, Spain. Oraa's work has been featured in several group shows at museums and cultural centers, including the Fine Art Museum of Navarra, Spain; San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian, Spain; the Museum of Vitoria in Vitoria, Spain; and in "Euskadi Margolaritzen," a traveling exhibition in Poland and Czech Republic, representing the art of the Basque Country. In addition, her work has been in public and corporate collections, including those at the National Museum of Calcographie in Madrid, Spain; the Basque Country Government, Spain; and Cantabria's Government, Spain. Oraa has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Osakidetza Runner-up from the Basque Country Government in 1991. Oraa attended the Art Department at the Basque Country University and received her M.F.A. In 1976.

2004 *Cactus Express Bar - Ipswich, Australia.
*Basquiat - Bilbao. Spain
*Chufo - Bilbao, Spain.
Apolo Auction - Bilbao, Spain.
2003 "Marea branca" - Donostia, Gipuzcoa,Spain. Casa das Artes, Ourense, Galicia, Spain.
Galleria Dellarte - Turin, Italia.
2002 Galleria Capisciutto - Milano, italia.
1999 *Erreka 2000 Art Gallery - Bilbao, Spain.
1998 *Guido´s - Malibu, California.
1997 Epicurus Gallery, Santa Monica, California.
1996 L.A. Art Scene - Charles Aidikoff Screening Room Art Gala, Beverly Hills, California.
1995 Divine Design 95 - Los Angeles, California.
1994 *Aixerrota Gallery - Getxo, Spain.
Flecha 94 - Madrid, Spain.
*Race Gallery - Madrid, Spain.
1993 *Tamarises Gallery - Getxo, Spain.
*Aixerrota Gallery - Getxo, Spain.
* B & C Gallery - Algorta, Spain.
Flecha 93 - Madrid, Spain.
1992 *"Assemblage", Inauteri Gallery - Fuenterrabia, Spain.
*Tamarises Gallery - Getxo, Spain.
Flecha 92 - Madrid, Spain.
"Hommage to Gorriaran", Tavira Gallery - Bilbao, Spain
1991 *Torrebillela Kultur Etxea - Mungia, Bizkaia, Spain.
"Basque Country Painters" , Arriaga Theatre - Bilbao, Spain.
*U 98 Gallery - Madrid, Spain.
*Laudio Kultur Etxea - Alaba, Spain
1990 *Torrelavega's Art Gallery - Cantabria, Spain.
Osakidetza, Juan Larrea's Gallery - Bilbao, Spain.
*BBK Art Gallery - Portugalete, Bizkaia, Spain.
*U 98 Gallery - Madrid, Spain.
*"Wounden und Instalationen, Hauptstadt der Scherzen", Gallery Loulou Lazard - Berlin,
1989 *Arteta Gallery - Bilbao, Spain.
Art Centrum, Prague, Czechoslovakia.
Euskadi Margolaritzen - Poland.
*Algorta's Kultur Etxea - Bizkaia, Spain.
1988 *Iruna Gallery - Bilbao, Spain.
Self-Portraits, Windsor Gallery - Bilbao, Spain.
Modern Art Museum - Pamplona, Spain.
San Telmo Art Museum -Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain.
Modern Art Museum - Vitoria, Spain.
B. Gallery - Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain.
Luzaro Gallery - Bilbao, Spain.
"Pequeno Formato", Arteta Gallery - Bilbao, Spain.
Basque Country Art Exhibition - Baracaldo, Spain.
Etnography Museum - Bilbao, Spain.

Proyecto Hombre Anagram - Bilbao, Spain.

Cantabria Government Art Collection - Cantabria, Spain . Basque Country Government Collection - Vitoria, Spain. National Museum of Calcographie - Madrid, Spain. Proyecto Hombre Institution - Bilbao, Spain.

Iberico 2000 "Most Relevant Spanish Painters" - Barcelona, Spain.
Flecha 94 - Madrid, Spain. Flecha 93 - Madrid, Spain. Women in Spanish Art - Madrid, Spain. Flecha 92 - Madrid, Spain. Arte Iberoamericano 1900-1990, Ediciones CD Arte & UNESCO. Euskadi Margolaritzen in Poland and Prague, Juan Elua - Bilbao, Spain. Arteder 86 Catalog - Bilbao, Spain. Arteder 84 Catalog - Bilbao, Spain. Arteder 82 Catalog - Bilbao, Spain.

Osakidetza Runner-up, Basque Country Government - Bilbao, Spain. Golden Medal, First Biennal C.M.A. - Getxo, Spain.

Drawing and Painting Class, Art Department, Alonso Academy of Art - Getxo, Spain.

Art Department, Basque Country University - Bilbao, Spain, M.F.A. 1976


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